15 Email Marketing Tricks That Will Boost Your Response Rates

Email marketing can be quite challenging for just about everyone. Avoiding the spam folder, open rates, getting people to read to the bottom, and getting them to click are all tough challenges that every marketer deals with on a daily basis.

Today, I’d like to share some of my top email marketing tricks that you can use to improve your overall campaigns.

Let’s begin!

#1: Segment Your Audience
Your very first step should be to segment your audience and fully understand the needs of each audience segment. This will allow you to send personalized emails, boosting your overall chance of getting a response.

#2: Benefit Based Subject Lines
Whenever you use email subject lines that are benefit based, be prepared to reap the rewards. With our decreased attention spans, people want to know how they stand to benefit. Telling them in the subject line is an excellent tactic when trying to get them to click through and respond to your emails.

#3: Urgency Based Emails
If you want your readers to open without hesitating, use urgency based subject lines. It gives the impression that they could miss out on a valuable opportunity. An example would be; “50% Off Ends Today!”

#4: Clean Up Your Contacts
If you have email addresses that were entered wrongly or people who have never opened any of your emails for more than a year, strike these contacts from your email marketing list. I use Active Campaign for my email service provider and they have a feature that will clean your list with the click of a button.

#5: Show The Play Button
People are addicted to short informative videos in emails. However, to get even more people to interact with the video, ensure that it has a “Play” button clearly displayed in the center of the video image that will link them directly to the video on your site when clicked.

#6: Blind Curiosity Subject Line
This type of email subject line should be written to tease the reader with curiosity to get them to open the email. Do not state the benefit of opening the email. An example would be; “This one trick will double your Facebook engagement.”

#7: Get Permission
Permission based email marketing is always the way to go. Studies show that more people will respond to your emails if they gave you the permission to send the emails in the first place. Clearly ask whether they would like to receive emails from you and sign them up only if they say YES.

#8: Let Them Know What They Will Get
You should always let your subscriber know in advance about type of emails they will be receiving from you. Will you be sending newsletters or promotional emails? A person is much more likely to respond to your emails if they indicate that they are willing to receive that type of email.

#9: The “From” Name
The “From” name is the biggest factor when someone is deciding whether or not to open an email. It also affects click-through rates. So, always make sure that your “From” name is one that they are familiar with. Using a company name is not recommended.

#10: Result Based Subject Lines
Credibility brings trust and trust can take you anywhere you want to go. Result based subject lines boost credibility by using figures, stats, and case studies.

#11: Use Proven Subject Lines
There are four categories of subject lines; direct benefit, blind curiosity, urgency, and results based. While it’s okay to try new things, these four email subject lines are almost always most likely to pique the subscriber’s interest.

#12: Optimize The Second Subject Line
Many email marketers forget about the second subject line. This is the one that comes just after the bold part in the inbox preview. To improve your conversions, make sure that the second subject line reinforces the message in the primary subject line.

#13: Send At The Best Time
Best send times vary by industry. For me, Tuesday in the afternoon is by far the best time to send my emails. Avoid sending in the morning. Although most people check their inboxes in the morning, a majority of them only do so to clean up the place before heading to work.

#14: Give Them Multiple Links
Providing only one link in an entire email is not going to get you desired results. Email marketing experts agree that you should always have at least three links per email. With each link, give them a different reason to click.

#15: Engage
Ultimately, email is an engagement platform. People will only respond to your emails if you’re courteous. Instead of spamming them with messages like everyone else, make every email a conversation where you also respond to their emails whenever they get hit the reply button.

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