25 Free Social Media Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Do you find it challenging to navigate through the fast-paced world of social media?

You’re not alone! I’m right there with you and I’ve got got some good news.

Thanks to the help of 25 free social media marketing tools, I’ve been able to level up my business on social media in a big way.

Today, I’d like to share those tools with you.

Here we go!

Content Tools

#1: Portent
With this handle little tool, you can enter a subject and it will generate ideas for social content. You can use it as your own personal idea generator machine to come up with topics for blog posts, podcast episodes or YouTube videos.

#2: Hubspot Blog Topic Generator
All you have to do with this thing is fill in three fields with topics you’d like to write about and it will instantly give you a week’s worth of blog titles within seconds.

#3: PostCreator
Upload an image, write a message, then add your logo. PostCreator will design a branded image you can use across all of the social networks that you use.

#4: National Day Calendar
Never miss another National Day celebration that you can use for a promotion again. You can visit this website to check the calendar for upcoming National Day celebrations or sign up for their newsletter to receive National Day notices right in your inbox (which is what I do).

Editorial Calendars

#5: Brett Snyder
Not your typical SaaS name. But don’t let it fool you. This simple downloadable editorial calendar includes subject, working title, focus keywords, key elements, sources, assets, and promotional strategy you can use as a editorial calendar template.

#6: Optimize Book
This downloadable editorial calendar includes the day to post, topic, audience, keywords, tags, social topics and which social networks to use. Very handy!

#7: EditFlow WordPress plugin
This simple plugin makes it easy if you have a team that you need to collaborate within WordPress. EditFlow will give you custom statuses, a calendar, editorial comments, and several other useful features you didn’t think you’d need until now.

Headline Optimizers

#8: Coschedule
This clever tool will analyze blog post headlines and give you a quality score than determines the headlines ability to result in social shares. It will even provide a quality score that ranks your headline’s ability to increase traffic and add value to your search engine optimization.

#9: Optimizely
This SaaS application provides A/B testing for headlines across the web on any device. You can even test whether different variations of images and headlines will generate the best conversions. I use it daily.

#10: Headline Analyzer
This free tool gives you the power to analyze how effective your ad will be at reaching people in an emotional way. It will determine which of the following emotions will be impacted the most: empathetic, intellectual or spiritual.

Ad Generators

#11: Banner Ads Creator
This simple tool makes creating banner ads for YouTube, Facebook and Twitter quick and easy. You can use it to click through each step, choosing the options you want to include. You can ads can be created in minutes.

#12: Ad Parlor
With this tool, you can create free ad mockups so you can see what your ads will look like before you create your campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. You don’t have to login to use the tool and it gives you the ability to verify specs for all of the ad spaces available. on Facebook and Twitter.

Ad Tracking

#13: AdEspresso’s Facebook Ad Compass
This free tool will help you optimize your Facebook ads. It will generate a report that will give you a better understanding of your key metrics. You can also compare your ad’s performance with your industry

#14: Uprank
They claim that their tool is the world’s most intelligent digital marketing tool for Entrepreneurs and marketers. It’s free so why not check it out and see? It will analyze your website and build a digital marketing strategy for you in the form of comprehensive tasks.

#15: Hubspot Marketing Grader
This is a cool tool that will give you a full report on how your marketing is going. All you have to do is add your website address to the form and a report is generated in seconds. You will get a score for social media, blogging, SEO, lead generation, mobile and more.

#16: Quick Sprout
This is an advanced social media tool that you can use to connect to your Google Analytics account and it will analyze your data and give you a report on how you can improve your content.

Image Editors

#17: Recite
One of my favorite tools. You just type in a quote and it will put it in a fancy image in a matter of seconds.

#18: imgflip Meme Generator
Pick a funny picture from a massive database of thousands of images. Type your caption. Resize the text if you need to and click a button to make your own custom MEME.

#19: Canva
This is a super simple tool with pre-sized templates to create professional looking social media images in minutes. The entire interface is drag and drop that you can use to choose from hundreds of free stock images and creative fonts.

#20: PicMonkey
This tool is loaded with free features that’s definitely worth checking out. You can edit pictures and designs. Add text to images. Resize an image it’s too large, and much more.

Social Media Management

#21: Hootsuite
This is one of my top social media management tools I’ve ever used. Hootsuite lets you manage all of your social networks from one simple platform. You can use it to schedule updates, engage with your audience, and grow your brand.

#22: Riffle
This free tool will help you quickly find and connect with Twitter social influencers. You can use it to also increase your Twitter engagement and view activity analytics in real time.

#23: SocialRank
This simple tool lets you find and analyze your followers on Twitter and Instagram by sorting and filtering to discover who is most engaged.

#24: Latergram
You can use this tool to plan your visual content marketing by scheduling and managing your posts on Instagram. My favorite feature is that you can even upload posts from your desktop, tablet, iPad or Android.

#25: MeetEdgar
This tool gives you the power to create a categorized content library and then schedule your content to post to all of your social media platforms automatically based off topic. When you run out of content, it will start recycling older posts.

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