5 Blog Posts That Work Great For Affiliate Marketing

Would you like to start earning more money on your blog but not sure how?

Then you’re in the right place!

Today I’m going to give you a quick understanding of affiliate marketing along with my top five blog post strategies that you can start using immediately.

Let’s get started!

First, what is affiliate marketing and should you use it for your blog?

Affiliate marketing is a great way to monetize your blog content that involves mentioning, reviewing or showcasing a product available for sale online.

When you talk about the product on your blog, you just link to it using your unique affiliate URL.

Once people purchase the product after clicking on your unique link, you earn a commission.

These commissions can be as low as 5% up to 50% depending on the affiliate program.

If you take a look at income reports from the top bloggers, you will see that a majority of them use affiliate marketing as their top monetization technique.

Some of them earn tens of thousands every month just by mentioning products!

How can you get affiliate marketing to work?

You have to be honest.

Blogging is all about earning the trust of your readers.

You never want to compromise your integrity to make an affiliate sale.

Make sure that you are only mentioning products that you believe in, that you would use, that you currently use, and are aligned with your business.

For example, if you run a health site, it would not be in your best interest to promote e-Cigs…even though they might be paying $50 per referral.

How can you start using affiliate links on your blog?

The first thing you’ll want to do is sign up with the biggest affiliate companies like Amazon, Commission Junction, ShareASale, Linkshare and Clickbank.

Once you get accepted by the affiliate companies, you will then have to start applying to individual programs.

For example, if you become a member of Commission Junction, you can apply to work with hundreds of other individual programs.

You must be accepted into the individual programs before you can start earning from them.

Once you’ve been accepted into individual programs you will get access to an assortment of text links and banner ads that you can use on your blog to start generating revenue.

Now that you understand the basics of affiliate marketing, let’s take a step further and dive into different blog post ideas that work really well for promoting products. using affiliate marketing!

#1: Round Ups
Your readers love to see what products you are using, what products you recommend, and what neat things you found online.

Simply publish few blog posts like, “What I’m Using This Month” to showcase some killer products that your readers will feel encouraged to buy.

#2: Reviews
Product reviews are great way to introduce a product and get your readers to buy. I personally love product review blog posts so much, I have a whole blog dedicated to reviewing tech products.

The key to doing effective reviews is to actually show yourself using the product. You can do this by using video or well lit photos. The point is…your audience will want to see you using the product. They’ll want to know what you liked about it…what you didn’t like. So be sure to go into detail about what your true feelings are about the product.

#3: How-Tos
How-to posts are another fantastic way to monetize your blog with affiliate links.

Let’s say you are doing a post like, “How to take better Selfies”. In that blog post you mention how you like to use a certain light that attaches to your phone.

So then you show your readers how to use the phone mounted light to take better selfies.

They love your review and buy the light so they too can take better selfies!

This would be a great post, because it is NOT all about the product. It’s about providing a benefit to your audience that just so happens to mention a product.

#4: Sales
Everyone loves a good sale, right? Of course they do!

Whether broke or rich, no one can resist a good sale. And as a blogger you can take advantage of time sensitive sales by letting your audience know about them as soon as they happen.

For example, let’s say your audience tends to be moms of young children.

And it just so happens that Gymboree is having a FREE Shipping sale!

You can use this opportunity to promote the sale using your affiliate link in a blog post OR on social media.

The one thing that you will want to make sure whether you post on social media or a blog post, that it’s an exclusive time sensitive sale so that they can act fast.

#5: Email Blasts
One of the more advanced affiliate marketing tips is to send out an email blast to your list of subscribers about a product.

For example, if you found a new product that you enjoy and think will resonate well with your subscribers, put together an email with the subject line something like…

“I just found and I think you are going to love it!”

Once you get them to open the email, explain all the highlights, features, and benefits of the product.

Don’t forget to include an actual photo of the product so that your readers believe that you really do use it, and you’re not just talking about something to get a sale.

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