7 Clever Growth Hacking Examples That Will Grow Your Business

It’s almost a given that every online business should have a marketer because you need someone to get your product or service out into the market.

And since many early stage businesses are running on a shoestring budget, paid marketing strategies are usually out of the question.

Instead, marketers need to invest time and sweat equity into rapid growth!

Growth hacking means trying a variety of creative marketing ideas to grow an engaged user base as fast as possible.

Whether you’re trying to pull off a successful product launch or looking to grow your business. 

Companies from Airbnb to Dropbox have successfully used growth hacking techniques to grow their startups into the mammoth companies they are today.

There’s a lot that marketers can learn from these companies.

Today, I’d like to dive into the seven ways they used growth hacking for rapid growth!

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