7 Ecommerce Marketing Skills Every Marketer Must Know

From blogging to PPC advertising and from search engine optimization to analytics, ecommerce marketing is broad and complex. Your mission is to experiment with these activities, promotions, and tactics to figure out which one will generate the most profit.

Today, I’d like to share some simple tactical strategies that will help you succeed with your ecommerce marketing.

#1: Creative Writing

The ability to write is is the ability to communicate online. Every ecommerce product description, every blog post, every article, every about page, every video script is an act of writing. Done well, writing will drive in more sales. Done poorly it will bring laughter and embarrassment.

Clear writing is a requirement for successful ecommerce marketing. If you’re not good at it, I recommend searching for some copywriting books on Amazon and start there.

#2: Data Analysis

Successful marketers study their statistics so that they can make good decisions about how to invest in marketing and promotion.

This ability to understand the implications of statistics is called data analysis. It is important for every modern ecommerce marketer.

According to a survey from Harvard Business Review, companies plan to increase their investment in marketing analytics 73 percent in the next three years.

Data analysis will always impact many areas of marketing, including customer acquisition, customer retention, social media engagement, segmentation, and promotion. strategy.

eCommerce marketers that can more effectively use and understand their data are the ones who are more likely to succeed.

#3: Design

Graphic design and website design are eCommerce marketing fundamentals. The way an advertisement, an article, or even a product detail page looks can have a monumental impact on how your product is perceived.

Your marketing campaigns should be about raising the profile of your brand and moving customers in a specific direction to buy your products or services.

One of the critical elements of getting people to buy is trust.

Your brand is the way that your customer process a specific offering in their mind.

Either you represent quality and luxury, or you represent comfort and value.

If your design is less than professional and aligned with your core messaging, it can undermine years of work.

However, good design speaks volumes to a brand’s professionalism, quality and position in the market. How your site, your ads, and your brand materials look matters for ecommerce success.

#4: Data Collection

Closely related to data analysis is the ability to collect data about your overall marketing performance.

This skill encompasses the ability to properly set up Google Analytics and optimizing it for your ecommerce business with meaningful reports.

The more information you can collect about how your marketing is performing, the more likely you will be to make good decisions to grow your eCommerce business.

#5: Development

The ability to write code can be a huge unfair advantage for marketers. This ability can be as basic as understanding HTML and CSS so that you can do a better job of putting up product pages and making tweaks to your website. Or it might be the ability to develop your own marketing tools and reports.

Just about every digital marketing job requires some technical expertise. This is because so much of what is done online requires at least an understanding of coding.

Learn to code and you will have more control over your marketing. With more control, your chances for success will increase.

#6: Advertising

Your eCommerce advertising must be carefully planned, purchased, executed, and measured. It should also be done in many channels, using many forms of media, including PPC advertising, display advertising, native advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising, and more.

Successful ecommerce marketers understand how advertising works across all channels.

Advertising management is a high-end marketing skill that can take a very long time to master. But it is worth the effort.

#7: Marketing Automation

Marketing automation will reduce marketing expenses, increase conversions, boost lifetime order value, and even improve the customer shopping experience.

As a skill, marketing automation is all about managing the workflows in an automation platform like Marketo, Klaviyo, or my favorite which is Active Campaign.

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